Eric La Casa SOUNDTRACKS Concrete Disc 1502

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Eric La Casa SOUNDTRACKS Concrete Disc 1502

with Luke Fowler | Christian Jaccard | Jean-Luc Guionnet

1 – 4 . A grammar for listening 2
From Luke Fowler's 16mm film “A grammar for listening part 2”, 2009. Distributed by Lux (London)
All sounds recorded in Paris, and Glasgow

5 . A Hemero Phaestos 2
From Christian Jaccard's video “A Hemero Phaestos”, 2013. Distributed by the artist (Paris)
All sounds recorded in the Foundery Susse, Ivry

6 – 8 . Polymères 2
From Marie-Christine Navarro’s drama “Ce pays qui s'appelle Tane”, 2012. Distributed by Kurbeti (Paris)
With organ recordings (composed and recorded by Jean-Luc Guionnet)

Soundtracks was mixed during October 2014 - January 2015

Special Thanks to : Christian, Jean-Luc, Luke, and Marie-Christine
Thanks to : Cori Shim, Corin Sworm, Hubert Lacroix, The Modern Institute, and Xavier Carrère

Audio CD, 6 panels digipak
40 minutes+
Release date: October 2015
12 Euros + shipping

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